This is an interview article about November 19 managed by Clark Chung. Knitwin., Co. Ltd. since 2020.

– Please tell me your store concept and why you started your store.

We started the shop in 2016 . We first started online and did pop ups and in 2018. We opened our 1st brick and mortar in 2018. November 19 is a curated home and lifestyle shop, that focuses on design, quality and functionality. We work with local, international makers and we also have our own brand Mr. Chung.

– What are your important things to manage your store?

We make sure we are always well stocked with interesting products and always have some newness to excite our customers. But more importantly we focus on customer service and try to give our customers the best experience.

– What kind of customers visit your store and what are they looking for?

We get a mix of local and international customers, from different age groups. A lot of our customers are in the design world or appreciate unique well-made products .

– How are your original products and are you satisfied with working with Knitwin?

We love our Mr. Chung socks. We love the quality and the collaboration process with Knitwin. Our customers has returned to get more socks because of the comfort durability and the great design. Yes! We love the Knitwin team. They are easy to work with and help with the a lot of the technical aspects.

– What’s your goal or are you going to do next in the future?

Our goal is to grow our wholesale and continue to expand the Mr. Chung collection. For the shop we are currently expanding on our fashion and accessories collection along with continuing to find new interesting home and life style goods.

Interview/Isato Nishiguchi