I, Isato Nishiguchi became the third generation Head Director of Knitwin on May 31, 2023. I would like to take this opportunity to provide the company’s vision for the next 15 years.

Established in 1950 when things were scarce, the mission was to produce a steady supply of goods. The second generation focused on value-added products in a market of increased overseas goods.

And now, as the third generation, what is my role?

Mass production and mass consumption led to environmental issues bringing forth a new awareness on sustainability and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). With the rise of the Millennials and Generation Zs, the appetite for an excess production of goods at a low cost is something of the past.

I also thought about the purpose of our company. Who we create items for and the reasons for doing so.
The answer links to our company goal which is to change people’s day with our socks and to change the value of socks all together.

In a time of low cost mass production, I wish to create high quality products that customers love and want in their everyday life. I want to break the notion of socks being basic consumable items and change it to socks as items that elevate lifestyles. Succeeding in this goal provides meaning in what we do.

Additionally, in respect to changing the value of socks, I hope to work with my team who are involved in sock creation to heighten standards, not just for socks but for lifestyles in general.

Through our business purpose, we hope to elevate the lifestyles of customers in Japan and around the world. That is our mission in this generation.

I feel that our business purpose requires the enthusiasm of salespeople, staff with a passionate vision, and the drive to constantly reach our goals. I want us to take on new challenges and enjoy the journey with my team.

Although I am new to this role, I feel that the next 15 years will be my time to work the hardest. My last responsibility is to make this company valuable to my customers and relay accomplishments to the next generation so that they can take on new challenges and build on the business throughout changing times.

This is my greatest challenge and it is also an exciting one. I look forward to the outcome after 15 years and I plan to enjoy every step it takes to get there.

Please follow us on our journey.

Knitwin Ltd.
Head Director
Isato Nishiguchi